Looking to go to the airport in style? Picking up a loved one and want to give them a relaxing, stress-free trip after a long flight? Look no further than our Lincoln Town Car Airport Limousine Service. Our customer-oriented, experience chauffeurs will happily pick up and drop off our clients and their loved ones from Pickering to the GTA and/or back, and, with this service, we’ll do so with eloquence. Our punctual drivers will be ready and waiting to pick our clients up in the most stress-free way possible, including late night pickups, weather accommodations, and coordinated parking to ensure that you’re ready to go upon arrival, with no delays or unneeded wait times. The Lincoln Town Car Airport Limousine Service is the perfect clean, comfortable and spacious ride, which provides plenty of room for luggage, carry-ons and whatever else our client happened to bring with them from their travels, or intends to take with them. This particular model, present in our fleet, happens to be amongst our most popular choices. This is especially the case for airport services, and how can it not be! The Lincoln Town Car has all the features needed to ensure safe and comfortable travel to or from the airport, including but not limited to: entertainment systems, speed sensing locks, anti-theft mechanisms (to ensure both you and your luggage are sound and secure) and four doors (to ensure easy entrance and exit). This limousine model boasts a length of over 215 inches, with a track front of over 60 inches, and track rear of over 65 inches, and also includes heated exterior mirrors and internal wipers.

Comfort in our Airport Limousine Service

To ensure maximum comfort, this model can host up to 6 passengers, with both front and rear head room of close to 40 inches, as well as front leg room of approximately 42 inches. With comfortable leather seats, air conditioning and front split bench seats, this vehicle has everything and more to ensure the utmost comfort possible, which is often needed after long and tiresome flights. This is not to mention the fact that Lincoln is among the most trusted and reliable car brands out there, to add a bonus to all of the above! And so, with our excellent reviews from all over Pickering, Whitby and the GTA, we’re sure that Ajax Luxury Limousine Services is the perfect choice for a safe and comfortable ride, whether it be before or after a long flight!